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I am a self-taught Price Action Trader. I started my trading career as an investor in 2011 and in 2012 I became a full time trader. Just like many people from poor background we came in this business thinking it’s easy and we will get rich very fast only to realise that being on financial markets requires self-awareness and you must transform your bad habits into good ones. Learned the hard way? Yes resigning from Airport Company and BMW was very easy until I lost all money I worked for all those years through forex trading, had to hustle for start-up money again. I managed to generate 300usd from small businesses I own and from that day no more looking back.
Most of our mentorship program is one-on-one with our office in Pretoria Central. SS Fx Management aim to create a relationship with our clients, discussing your medium to long term personal goals and ambitions, whilst remaining up to date with your progress on a weekly to monthly basis in order to encourage maximum personal growth and potential. We are currently partnered with IFX Broker, Ic Markets and SuperForex Broker as their IB and we proudly follow up on every query our clients might encounter from any of these brokers.