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Top 3 Trading Documentary Films

Banking on Bitcoin (2017)

This documentary is less about trading and more about the ultimate trader’s asset: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is both an emerging technology based on blockchain, and the world’s best performing financial asset with the potential to disrupt modern money as it currently exists.
The documentary does a great job explaining the complicated cryptocurrency and its distributed ledger technology while offering fun anecdotes and stories of successful traders and investors.

Becoming Warren Buffet (2017)

Becoming Warren Buffet is a documentary based on one of the world’s wealthiest individuals and greatest investors of all-time, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet.
The documentary is a deep dive into the Buffet’s early days, how we got into investing, and even his interpersonal relationships that led him to become the greatest to ever exist.

Wall Street Warriors (2006)

Wall Street Warriors is a recurring docu-series focusing on a variety of investors and traders that can provide inspiration or motivation for new traders seeking to get into day trading themselves.
Each episode in the series highlights a different individual, including many female traders and iconic investors.