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The Champion’s Mindset

Every story needs a hero, a champion that overcomes the odds and achieves their own form of greatness. Most important of all a champion is someone who every time they fail and get knocked down, gets right back up and straight back to work. You don’t need to be the best in order to be a champion, you just need to become the best you, that you can possibly be.

Champions do not allow themselves to be stopped by intimidation, their self-belief and determination is too strong, they immediately replace negative thoughts with positive self-talk. They control their thoughts and emotional state under pressure.

Champion’s refuse to quit. They might sometimes lose, but they don’t quit. If a champion slips up then they realize that they are human, pick themselves up and move forwards, but they don’t quit. A champion might make a lot of mistakes, but they don’t quit. It is ok to be discouraged, it is not ok to quit. You might not always win, but that is life and we are all just human, but as long as you always learn from your mistakes, refuse to quit and never stop moving forward, then you cannot truly fail.

Champions either win, or they learn. The truth is that all heroes feel fear, but they don’t allow that fear to stop them. Champions cannot accept not trying and they do not allow the heat of the moment to make them lose composure.

Champions don’t have to be told to get to work, they don’t waiver from their commitment, they don’t lose sight of their goal. Champions stop at nothing to get the result and achieve their goals.

Champions demonstrate grit, they have tenacity, they tenaciously work hard towards their goals, maintaining their enthusiasm and work ethic for years, even when experiencing failures, adversities and plateaus. Champions know how to deal with adversity, they stay focused and optimistic when faced with an obstacle.

When you wake up, ask yourself ‘how will I be a champion today?’ A champion turns up on time and on mind ready to work every day, so that they can consistently make progress and improve. Champions do what others don’t, so that tomorrow they can accomplish what others can’t.