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How The NYSE Makes Money

This article explores the various sources of revenue and income for the NYSE

Transaction Fee Revenue

People come to the NYSE as it maintains an efficient marketplace with fair price discovery and ensures sufficient liquidity in the market.
The NYSE charges fees in various forms to these market participants. Each trade that occurs on the NYSE attracts a transaction fee from the trading parties.
All trades occur through registered market participants, including brokerage firms, trading houses, and asset management companies

Listing Fee Revenue

Companies that are in need of capital can raise money by listing their securities on the NYSE after meeting eligibility criteria. They need to pay a one-time listing fee and then a recurring annual fee for listing and trading services on the NYSE platform. Equities remain the most common securities listed, but the NYSE allows other instruments to be listed, including preferred stocks, warrants, bonds, ETPs, funds, options, structured products, capital securities, mandatory convertibles, and repackaged securities

Data Fee Revenue

Market data—real-time data, historical data, summary data, and reference data—constitute a large portion of revenue earnings for the NYSE. Market participants need historical data for research and analysis, real-time data for ongoing trading and investment activities, summary data for reporting and auditing, and reference data for security-specific details like symbols and corporate actions

Trading Software and Technology Revenue

The NYSE offers its various technology services and trading software to large institutional clients like mutual funds and asset management companies.

Registration and Regulatory Fee Revenue

NYSE market participants, market makers, and brokers need to register and pay the registration and regulatory fee for their NYSE membership. The NYSE also charges for facilitating trading licenses. All such charges include the one-time registration fee and recurring annual charges

NYSE Governance Services Revenue

The NYSE also offers corporate governance, risk, and compliance services to its diversified customer base