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Emotional Burnout: What Is It And How To Fight

You feel depressed and devastated. All your dreams, desires and goals mean nothing to you. It is time to fight your emotional burnout.

Lots of heavy situations and tiredness in our life cause a phenomenon called “emotional burnout”. Stress has a tendency to accumulate, and, subsequently, to become chronic.

The most important in preventing and combating emotional burnout is healthy sleep.  No matter how primitive this may sound, it is the dream that helps the body recover and gain strength.  It is also significant to understand that this should not be a couple of hours on the weekend, but approximately the same number of hours throughout the week. For the most restful sleep, you can drink a cup of tea with herbs.

No less useful will be meditation and breathing exercises. These procedures should be a daily practice. Meditation helps to clarification of the mind, an additional burst of energy. Breathing exercises favor to relax during the day. You need only 5 minutes to monitor your breathing. Set aside all your gadgets and set them to the regime “Do Not Disturb”. Observe your breath, listen to it, and try to smoother it. Make these habits regular and they will become your savior from stress.

Massage also benefits. You can do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you. It is better to study special points, but if you do not know them, then this will not be a problem. Massage only relieve tension and fatigue and give you a feeling of relaxation.

Likewise, the ability to feel your body supports your emotional state. Physical activity, in moderation, distracts the mind and focuses the brain only on the performance of sports exercises.

Moreover, leave all the troubles behind the doors of the apartment. Coming home you change clothes and shoes, thereby putting on a comfortable and cozy mood. Make yourself believe that at home all the worries will no longer bother you. Your home is your fortress.

Furthermore, plan your time clearly. Allocate enough hours for work and rest. Do not take it all at once, objectively evaluate your strengths. It is impossible to do a hundred of things at once. If you worry that you are missing out on an opportunity, do not think so. When one door closes, another opens somewhere.