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Bitcoin is at risk of collapse

Bitcoin volatility has fallen to an annual minimum of 46%, according to the analytical service Skew. It can be a harbinger of decline in the first cryptocurrency.

US dollar will continue the weakening trend

The index of the dollar against a basket of major currencies fell by more than 5% since reaching a peak of more than three years in March. In June, the dollar fell by almost 1.0%. This is the worst monthly indicator since December.

Startup Zap and Visa will issue a payment card for bitcoin payments

Developer of Zap Wallet Jack Mullers announced the beginning of open beta testing of Strike. With its help users will be able to make payments in bitcoin through direct bank transfers.

Bitcoin and S&P 500 correlations reached a historic high

On June 30, the price correlation of the first cryptocurrency with the "barometer of the American economy" S&P 500 index reached a historic high of 66.2% after several months of growth.

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