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FINEXPO is a Producer of international events and trade shows worldwide since 2002.

Our major projects are exhibitions and luxury trade shows organized annually all around the world. These events were attended by more than 200,000 visitors and 3,000 worldwide companies. 
FINEXPO events is really huge and covers the following countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Cyprus, China, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Latvia etc.

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Traders Fair & Gala Night:

Thailand -
Malaysia -
Philippines -
Hanoi -
Vietnam -
Singapore -
Traders Fair gathers the whole financial world under one roof in one single day.
Numerous seminars and workshops free of charge for the visitors, financial top-companies and the best trading experts from all over the world sharing their experience about global exchanges, stocks, futures and options markets - this what Traders Fair is about. The event program is also full of entertainment, lucky draws, fantastic prizes and live performances.

Millionaire Bazaar -

New show event where those living a luxury lifestyle will be able to see and even purchase the best international luxury industry has to offer.

Traders Awards, Asia -

This amazing event is taking place for the 3rd time in 2020 continuing the tradition of choosing the BEST COMPANY in every particular region where TRADERS FAIR series organized by FINEXPO has been or will be presented.
The procedure is quite simple: each company which participates with TRADERS FAIR project can become a nominee. The winner of each nomination is chosen by traders’ open voting in each region.
Leave your vote on our Traders Awards website via
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