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Advertise with us is a unique platform with news, reviews, analytics and social tools for trading industry. Communication, commemorate and learning are key elements of this social network which lets people with different levels of knowledge access the feed to share or gain experience.
Finding an advisor or becoming one, getting the latest updates on events and jobs in the industry, managing the unique feed, making connections or even creating a blog is something makes possible for its users.
The audience of the project are both experienced traders and beginners who wish to get into trading as well as investors and other people of the industry. No age or income background limits opens the world of trading to everyone who found it scary or uneasy before and establishes the main gurus status at the same time. advertising opportunities include banner placement and creating full company blogs every user can subscribe to.
Banners will provide the company with the best visual exposure possible with around 3,000 unique daily visitors and 150,000 monthly views as well as will get the user directly to the company's website with one single click.
Company blogs on the other side will get the brand smarter exposure with expertise updates on industrial trends or internal activities where users can not only subscribe to the blog but get in touch with a representative and become a client almost directly.
These tools do not limit the opportunities through social network.
In case of interest please contact team by sending an e-mail to