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A new trends in Forex industry

Foreign exchange, or forex, is the largest financial market in the world. If you get your forex trading strategies right, you can eventually become a very successful trader.

Trading apps

There are many trading apps available to help with amateurs begin forex trading. These apps are one of the trends expected to increase in 2021, supporting new traders, in particular, to stick with a trading strategy without risking more capital than is necessary. This means providing customers with signals and trading ideas that can guide trading in the forex markets. The best apps offer help to help successful trading.

Cloud-based e-FX platforms

Cloud-based forex trading platforms will likely become the new normal since they offer reduced costs, flexible design, high reliability and extremely low latency which is ideal in a constantly evolving market, with regards to regulation, specific products as well as actual market conditions.

Carry Trades a new normal

A carry trade in forex is when a trader looks for a profit from an interest rate differential between the two currencies within a Forex pair. It can be very profitable to hold a position overnight and profit from the difference between rates via swaps paid into your account by your Forex broker. However, finding variations in rates has become a lot harder due to the ongoing pandemic. However, it is still possible with exotics such as the notoriously volatile South African rand, Mexican peso, and Brazilian real with currency pairs featuring USD, EUR and even JPY variations.

More millennials and Gen-Z start forex trading

It is expected that established fintech brands will target Millennials and Gen-Z who want to get into forex trading. Being so familiar with technological advancements and investment opportunities offered online, they are more willing to invest in Forex and make the most of any forex deposit bonus on offer from reputable agencies.