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5 Interesting Facts About Ethereum

1. Ethereum was funded through so-called “crowdfunding”

Vitalc Buttern is a researcher in the crypto-lite, as well as a battler programmer. He had the idea of ​​”Ethereum” by the end of 2013, but he did not have enough resources to make his idea a reality. As many artists are doing these days, it has turned to a kind of group funding to get the capital needed to further develop the program and launch the distribution. His project was successful in online public sale in July-August 2014. The program was completed and delivered by July 30, 2015

2. Ethereum has achieved impressive advances in the development

The Ethereum Alliance, known as the EEA, is a collaboration of many block start-ups. Also joined by Fortune 500 companies and research groups. It is a non-profit organization that consists of 116 members of the enterprise. The organization has been developed to coordinate the further development, distribution, and use of the permitted version of Block Ethereum in the industry

3. Ethereum is supported by large businesses

Some of the world’s leading corporations joined the EEA and supported “further development” Some of the most famous companies are Samsung SDS, Toyota Research Institute, Banco Santander, Microsoft, J.P.Morgan, Merck GaA, Intel, Deloitte, DTCC, ING, Accenture, Consensys, Bank of Canada and BNY Mellon

4. Security is the top concern of the company

Whenever you deal with a cryptoLogic system, security is a top priority. While exceptional measures have been taken to strengthen the integrity and protect the platform from intruders, hackers are constantly trying to penetrate security mechanisms and gain access to their own destruction. There have been no such cases, and the company is vigilant in maintaining the safety standards and improving them accordingly

5. The change will be the constant for Ethereum

Some EEA members have indicated the need to continue investigating hybrid architectures that could anchor private blocks to Ethereum’s public block. This would help to expand the future platform, making it easier to add additional blocks that would help potentially exponential growth