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Bill Gates – 5 business rules

Have energy

“If you’re going to start a company, it takes so much energy that it better overcome your feeling of risk.”
Have a bad influence
“I’m a bad influence, that’s why I was asked to speak at your graduation because if I’d have spoken at your orientation, fewer of you might be here today.”

Work hard

“About 25% of the time that I’m out travelling around meeting with customers in Europe and Asia, that helps me think: do we have the right priorities, what are people responding well to and what they’d like to see us do better?”

Create the Future

“Every week we see new innovative work and it’s really attracting all the innovation in the industry. We predicted this a long time ago and now it’s the future.”

Enjoy what you do

“You’ve got to enjoy what you do every day, and for me that’s working with very smart people, it’s working on new problems. Every time we think we’ve had a bit of success we’ve got to be careful not to dwell on it too much because the bar gets raised.”