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Felicia Tan
July 28 14:41

China's State Blockchain Platform integrates 100 public blockchains

Infrastructure Blockchain Platform (BSN) of China State Information Center plans to add support for 100 public networks within a year, reports Bloomberg.
Its creators have set a goal to unite the fragmented blockchain industry, creating a single hub for developers of decentralized applications. The project whitepaper says that BSN will act as a "blockchain Internet.
Currently, there is information about BSN support for networks such as Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, NEO, Nervos and IRISnet. Technically, this will happen on August 10.
Since its launch on April 25th, six thousand customers have entered into an agreement to use the platform. These are both government agencies and businesses.
A few days ago, BSN underwent a transformation, highlighting the decline in the influence of government-supported corporations. Two groups have separated from it: BSN-China and BSN-International. As their names suggest, one will focus on China with its standards, the other on other countries with greater flexibility on public blockades.
Both will not be independent entities. Five nodes of BSN-China will be connected to BSN-International.chain