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July 23 00:10

CryptoNews of the Week

- Experts from Fidelity and BitOoda said China currently controls about 50% of the world's mining capacity. Previously, the share of China was even higher and reached about 65%, but now many companies have decided to temporarily suspend their work. There are still companies on the market that have the most energy efficient equipment, which allows them not to have losses even at the lowest cost of bitcoin. As for the United States, this country is gradually losing its market due to various legislative restrictions. The American segment now accounts for only 14% percent. According to expert Max Keizer, the bitcoin hashrate may soon become a factor in a serious confrontation between the United States, on the one hand, and Iran and Venezuela on the other hand, which are gradually taking the American "piece of this pie."
- Head of Grayscale Investments Barry Silbert is convinced that the US government will not be able to ban bitcoin. He announced this during his address to investors. “We have overcome the perceived risk of a Bitcoin ban for the first time. There is enough support from politicians and regulators in Washington for bitcoin to exist,” he said. “In terms of our relationship with Washington, we as an industry are experiencing the best period ever. Two groups - the Blockchain Association and the Coin Center - are bringing the benefits of this technology and asset class to policymakers. The catastrophic legal risk that may have existed earlier is now over,” added Silbert.
- Bill Barhydt, the head of Abra, believes that bitcoin can be called "digital gold", since it not only has a huge potential for development, but already has a lot of advantages over fiat and precious metals. “Cryptocurrencies today are not only a safe haven asset, but also a full-fledged payment instrument. Until a few years ago, they were considered something like an Internet trend that might not have developed. It's hard to believe, but everyone who is involved in the financial industry knows about the existence of coins, - said Barkhydt. - Bitcoin now has a full-fledged ecosystem and its own adherents. Some of its holders even prefer to completely abandon fiat and use only coins due to the possibilities in each individual country."
As a reminder, Abra is the world's first global investment application that allows users to simultaneously invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, Stellar, Monero and many others.
- Analytical service Whale Alert announced that the number of unspent bitcoins attributed to the creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto is 1,122,693 BTC. This equals to more than $10 billion at the current exchange rate. The service experts have calculated the exact number of coins mined by the so-called Patoshi miner. This term was coined by researcher Sergio Lerner. He identified a certain pattern in the blocks of one of the large early bitcoin miners who used different software. Whale Alert believes that Satoshi Nakamoto was the miner.
- The famous Canadian astronaut and fan of blockchain technology Chris Hadfield has become the owner of the first bitcoins in his life, symbolically receiving them from a space satellite located 35 thousand kilometers from Earth. The event was televised during the Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 held last week. The BTC transaction worth $100 was made by Pixelmatic CEO and Director of Strategic Development at Blockstream Samson Mow.He used the Blockstream Satellite service to send bitcoins. The signal was sent to users on several continents who relayed the transaction to the bitcoin blockchain via the terrestrial internet. Initially, the entry appeared in the block explorer, and only after that the coins ended up in Chris Hadfield's wallet.
- The payment giant Mastercard opens access to its payment system for cryptocurrency companies. The first issuer of crypto cards will be the British startup Wirex, which has received the status of a licensed participant in the system. Wirex cards will allow you to store and spend both fiat and digital currencies, as well as convert some assets to others.
While making it easier for cryptocurrency companies to access their Mastercard Accelerate program, Mastercard emphasizes that they must follow general principles: provide strong consumer protection, operate in accordance with laws and regulations, adhere to standards in the fight against money laundering, and create a level playing field for all stakeholders such as financial institutions, retailers and mobile operators.
- Cryptocurrency companies are preparing to file a class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook and Twitter over the damage caused by the ban on advertising of digital currencies on these platforms. Recall that in 2018, social networks began to restrict advertising of cryptocurrencies one after another. And now, representatives of bitcoin companies claim that such actions have undermined the legitimate development of their business. The interests of the cryptocurrency community are represented by the Australian law firm JPB Liberty. The damage amount was initially estimated at $600 million. However, it may increase to $300 billion, as, according to lawyers, a large number of people could suffer from the actions of social networks. “The class action is aimed at recovering losses of participants in the crypto industry and investors around the world. The ban on cryptocurrency advertising has collapsed the crypto asset market by hundreds of billions of dollars,” the lawyers say.
- The village of El Zonte in El Salvador has become a bustling area of bitcoin operations, Forbes reports. The cryptocurrency is used to buy food, pay for utilities, repair water pipes and roads. Education grants, bus rides and school meals are also paid in BTC. This has become possible by the initiative of the villager native of California, Michael Peterson, after he received an anonymous donation in bitcoins to help the residents of El Zonte. Most of them could not open a bank account because they did not meet the requirements of financial institutions, and now this problem has been completely resolved.