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Felicia Tan
July 3 08:22

Foreign investors returned to emerging markets

The inflow of foreign capital into the market of shares and bonds of developing countries amounted to US$32.9 billion in June, writes Bloomberg, citing data from the Institute of International Finance.
Foreign capital inflows to emerging market equities and bonds amounted to US$32.9bn in June, which was several times higher than in May ($3.5 bn). This is what Bloomberg writes with reference to data from the Institute of International Finance.
The return of non-residents to emerging markets may indicate a growing confidence of investors in the stability of global economic recovery. Data from the Institute of International Finance coincides with the agency, which reported in early June that a record inflow of capital into EM bond funds interrupted a 15-week investor escape from emerging markets, which began in March amid the coronavirus lockdown and the collapse of oil prices.
In the week to June 5, emerging market equities showed record weekly growth in the last 8+ years.