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Felicia Tan
June 30 16:30

Service for checking banks for tolerance to operations with cryptocurrency is launched

Swiss cryptocompany Aximetria introduced the service AxiCheck, which checks the probability of a bank card blocking when making transactions with digital assets.
The service is based on statistics on making purchases of cryptocurrency and withdrawal of funds to cards with MasterCard, Visa in 427 banks from 80 countries.
AxiCheck does not require registration or entering personal data:
"To check the card, the user only needs to specify its first six digits. This is a unique BIN issuer, which contains information about the bank, the country of issue, the payment system and the level of the card," said Aximetria.
As a result of the check, the bank card will be attributed to one of four types:
"100% cryptocard" - operations with similar cards are successful;
"The card is ready to become a cryptocard" - it is suitable for cryptocurrency transactions with high probability;
"The card is only 50% ready for cryptocard" - problems with withdrawal are possible;
"Your card is out of date" - it is not recommended to perform crypto operations.
Besides web version, AxiCheck mobile applications for iOS and Android are available.
We would like to remind you that some banks thoroughly check customers involved in cryptocurrency operations.