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Felicia Tan
June 24 19:38

China's State Blockchain Platform to Implement Chainlink Oracle

The Infrastructure Blockchain Platform (BSN) of the State Information Center of China intends to use the decentralised oracle of Chainlink.
BSN co-founder Yifan He said that Chainlink was not the only data provider based on oracles, but in the end it was the company that was preferred.
Another BSN partner was Cosmos. It will focus on the compatibility of the different blockchains in the ecosystem.
He added that BSN adds support for 2-3 public chains each month, while the integration of consortium chains usually takes longer.
Demonstration of interconnection in BSN can take place in September.
BSN blockchain platform was launched in April after six months of beta testing. Even then its creators announced plans to add support for Ethereum and EOS networks.