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Felicia Tan
June 23 20:50

U.S. market aims to grow after Trump's comments

U.S. President Donald Trump disavowed the words of his trading advisor about the cancellation of the deal with China, which supported the market. Indices of purchasing managers in Europe were better than expected. 
There will also be data on the U.S. PMI, data on new home sales and reviews from Redbook Research and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. The market will open with growth, but the question may arise about Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) after the accident in Germany. Meanwhile, oil prices have peaked since March due to growing confidence in future demand.

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro said in an interview with Fox News on Monday evening that the U.S. deal with China was "over," and earlier he mentioned that China had retreated from its promises to buy agricultural products in the U.S. and also pointed to the general deterioration in the relationship between the two countries in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the situation in Hong Kong.
U.S. President hastened to disavow this statement by posting on Twitter: "The trade agreement with China is fully in force. We hope that they will continue to honor the terms of the agreement." The deal, signed in January, led to the suspension of billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese imports and avoided a "trade war" between the world's two largest economies.