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Felicia Tan
June 21 12:17

Peter Brandt advised millenials to buy bitcoin and avoid Ripple

Legendary trader and technical analyst Peter Brandt offered younger generation a simple plan to improve financial well-being. He advised them to invest some money in bitcoin and stay away from Ripple.
Brandt addressed his announcement to Millenials and Generation X. In it, the investor offers them a number of concrete actions:
Buy any house. The main thing is to enter this market.
To work on two jobs, if necessary.
Invest 10% of available funds in Bitcoin.

Buy ETFs monthly of high quality technological and valuable companies.
With this list of offers Brandt spoke in response to a presentation by the economist for emerging markets in Asia Trin Nguyen. She noted that the senior millenials, now 39 years old, own only 3% of all wealth. Past generations at the same age owned 21%.
In the next message, Brandt named a few more rules that will allow you to save and increase your fortune. In it, he urged not to trust Ripple's XRP.
This is not the first time Brandt has criticized Ripple. In early June, he called XRP a manipulative scam. Before that, he claimed that the issuer of the coin keeps the quotes in the range of 23-24 Satoshi as the last boundary.
Earlier, Managing Director of Grayscale Investments Michael Sonnenschein said that part of the US $68 trillion of investment capital, which will pass between generations in the coming years, will certainly be invested in bitcoin.