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Felicia Tan
June 11 18:23

Developer named altocoin, which can outrun the bitcoin by capitalization

The leading developer of the analytical blockchain platform, Blockchair, told why Ethereum can outrun bitcoin by market capitalization in the next five years.
In a long chain of tweets, Nikita Zhavoronkov explained that the key drawbacks of bitcoin compared to other cryptos are the lack of smart contracts, new privacy features and scalability technologies.
Zharonkov noted that with the update of Ethereum to version 2.0 and the introduction of stacking, the second cryptocurrency will become a more attractive tool for investors.
He added that the market value of the ETH would only have to grow six times to outpace the bitcoin by capitalization.
The developer explained what scenario Ethereum could use to shift the BTC. He believes that Bitcoin will share the fate of the leading Internet companies of the past, which have long lost to younger players.
The improvement in the fundamental performance of Ethereum is noted by many experts. The rapid pace of development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem was announced by Blockfyre. Well-known macro-investor Raoul Pal believes that Ethereum can outperform Bitcoin in terms of growth rates.