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Only 1 question That you should ask before come to stock market.

How much do you need from the stock market?
Why this question?
Because you will lose lot of money, If you don't know how much profit you need from Stock market.
It sounds like really funny but it is strongly true!
Awareness of yourself is logical for bring you to successful step of trading in stock market.
"No matter how far, if you know the way to go."
Well, we can try it.
Please try to choose amount of profit that's satisfyingly enough for you. (Such as 5 million.)
Right now we have that amount. Then go back to see the money in your portfolio and you will know how hard or easy to hit your goal.
For Example:Your amount of profit for this year is 5 million and the money you have is 5 million as well.
So, it means you have to get profit for 100% in this year.
It do not show how hard or easy but it shows your mission for you to hit.
For now you know what should you focus on? What kind of strategy should you action and lean more?How much should you spend per each time for trading?"No matter how far, if you know the way to go."
Trader must know thier own target every time.