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Felicia Tan
June 10 20:40

Fidelity Investments: every third institutional investor owns bitcoin

Financial Corporation Fidelity Investments, which manages US$7.2 trillion, found that 36% of 774 large customers in the U.S. and Europe have added digital assets to their portfolio. This was reported by Bloomberg.
According to the research, the main barrier to wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies is their volatility.
In the U.S., the share of institutional investors, pension funds, family wealth management companies, investment advisors and hedge funds that have added the cryptocurrency to the arsenal of financial tools has increased from 22% to 27% over the past year. More than a quarter of respondents hold Bitcoin, and one in nine gives preference to Ethereum.
In Europe, according to the survey, 150 out of 333 investors surveyed are involved in transactions with the crypt-currency.
Bloomberg believes that the launch of custodial solutions aimed at institutional investors and prime brokers of companies such as BitGo and Genesis, confirms his words.