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Francis Goh
June 5 08:49

Generating 20% annual passive income now and for years to come?

Hope you are doing well… COVID-19 has thrown a huge spanner into everyone’s lives and many of us could not wait to exit this Circuit Breaker and get back to normal lives!
But most of us know, that the new normal is not going to be the same anymore. 
Unless we have iron rice-bowls, otherwise most of us will be worried about the future of our businesses and jobs in the post COVID world. Not every business can adapt successfully and no one is indispensable. 
Having another source of secured income is more critical now than ever before… but is also harder ever before.
That is… unless you are using my proprietary system that generates passive income from the stock market safely. 
This is how I have been generating income for myself and my family, and it is working extremely well even in this COVID crisis! 
Most if not all my students who have learnt this “lobster” system are able to generate decent income, some of whom did so even during the “training” phase.
Our goals are simple: 20% returns on our capital annually no matter where the stock market goes, and our capital protected at all times. 
What’s my edge you ask? Why is it that I can do it? 
The answer comes in 2 parts. Firstly, I have used my 15 years of trading experience and combined a few great options strategies into a robust “lobster” system.
Secondly, I’m leveraging on technology to find suitable trades out there! Check out my App below!
If you are keen to learn to generate 20%pa income, a teacher is ready to teach you. 
Why not check it out by attending a free workshop and gain more clarity?
Here are the details:
6 June 20, 9.30am (SG time): Register here:
Do not miss out on the opportunity to join me and my students to generate secured passive income for the rest of your life! 
This is a train you would not want to miss.