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Felicia Tan
June 5 09:32

American market shows negative dynamic

On Thursday, U.S. stock market near the middle of the trading session showed moderately negative dynamics of the major indices.
The macroeconomic statistics left a mixed impression on the investment community. On one hand, the figures were not as bad as the majority of market players expected. On the other, millions of Americans somehow continue to lose their jobs.
The quantity of initial applications for unemployment benefits for the last week reached 1,877 million. With regard to private sector employment data from ADP, the corresponding indicator showed a reduction of 2.76 million jobs in May, while the actual value was very far from the average market expectations of about 9 million. In addition, the U.S. trade deficit in April widened to $49.4 billion and exceeded the average forecasts.
The employment data gave hope to the players on stock exchanges that the worst for the American economy is left behind, but only tomorrow's block of data on the American labor market will be able to clarify the May picture.
European markets have shown negative dynamics, and Asian markets - mixed.
By 00:23 SGT broad market index Standard & Poor's 500 was trading with a 0.29% decline at 3113.77 points, Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.03% to the level of 26261.78 points, and the index of high-tech industries Nasdaq Composite trades in minus 0.39% at 9644.90 points.
Dollar index adds 0.47%, gold futures are traded in plus by 0.94%, silver futures are traded in plus by 0.48%; industrial metals are traded in different directions, while oil loses 0.63%.