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George Ma
May 30 13:44

Chinese developers will launch their own network based on Telegram Open Network

China-based TON Community intends to launch a test network based on blockchain project Telegram Open Network.
 Announcement was made by the founder of the community, a researcher of the Beijing blockchain Tooz Wu.

According to Cointelegraph, the launch will involve various developers to thoroughly test the network capabilities:
Notably, the first participants in the launch include Gram 50 Wallet, Nebula Telegram client, TON-based NG Wallet and Lambda Storage.
Wu is known as the author of the translation of TON white paper into Chinese. He is also the creator of, which brings together major sources related to TON and is a member of the TON Community Foundation, an independent global TON developer community.
In early May, the Chinese TON community criticised the Free TON team for launching its beta network based on Telegram Open Network developments.
In addition to these two groups of developers, the TON test network was recently introduced by the NewTON team of independent developers, many of whom were winners of the TON Blockchain Contest.
Due to a conflict with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 12, Pavel Durov announced TON cancellation and stressed that he is unlikely to support alternative networks based on the developments of his team.
On May 24, the developers of the blockchain platform TON made changes to its source code and announced the termination of active participation in the project.