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George Ma
May 27 10:03

Dow Jones is back to 25,000, S&P is above 3,000 points

U.S. stock market was trading in the "green zone" on May 26, but the major market indices have grown unevenly.
The growth of the major indices ranges from 1 to 3%. At the same time, the industrial index Dow Jones in the middle of the session overcame the "psychological mark" of 25,000 points, while the "consumer" S&P has held above 3,000 points since the beginning of trading.
To date, Dow Jones has grown by 677.95 points (2.77%) to 25 143.11 points, S&P 500 has grown by 58.15 points (1.97%) to 3013.60 points, Nasdaq has grown by 105.70 points (1.13%) to 9430.29 points.