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George Ma
May 22 09:00

US stock indices closed in the red zone on mixed macrostats

Largest U.S. stock indices declined, which was associated with negative statistics on labour and real estate markets, according to data from trading platforms.
As of 04.00 SGT time, at closing of New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index fell by 0.41%, to 24474.12 points, NASDAQ hi-tech companies index by 0.97% to 9284.88 points, S&P 500 broad market index - by 0.76%, to 2949.06 points.
Investors are analysing macrostatistics data. The number of primary applications for unemployment benefits in the U.S. for the week up to May 16 decreased by 249,000 and amounted to 2.438 million. This is the seventh consecutive decline after growth to a record 6.87 million in early April, with analysts predicting a slightly more pronounced decline, exactly 2.4 million.
In addition, the number of housing purchases and sales in the secondary market of the country in April decreased by 17.8% compared to March - to 4.33 million, while decline was expected by 18.9%, to 4.3 million.
Markets also pay attention to the news that the U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that could lead to the withdrawal of Chinese companies from the U.S. stock exchanges. At the same time, the US continues to blame China for the pandemic.
Indices also accelerated their fall after the head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell said on Thursday that the U.S. economy faces serious uncertainty due to rising unemployment due to the pandemic.