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George Ma
May 19 08:50

Dow Jones index rose 911 points on news of progress in vaccine development against the virus

  S&P 500 index rose 90.20 points.
Key NYSE indices at the close of Monday's session showed strong growth due to market participants' hopes for a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

According to the information on the trading platform website, before the final bell the Dow Jones Industrial Index rose by 911.95 points (3.85%) to 24,597.37. S&P 500 index, which includes the 500 largest companies on the U.S. market, rose by 90.20 points (3.15%) and ended up at 2,953.90. The Nasdaq Electronic Exchange Index rose by 219.29 points (2.43%) to 9,233.85.
The value of June futures for WTI oil turned out to be at the level of US$31.82 per barrel, while the value of December futures, according to The Wall Street Journal, now makes US$34.07 per barrel.
The situation has changed dramatically since the beginning of March, and market participants are now paying special attention to any reports indicating progress in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus, said The Wall Street Journal, commenting on the results of the stock day. Investors' enthusiasm was triggered by information that the Moderna pharmaceutical company had received data that the experimental vaccine had created immunity in a number of healthy volunteers.