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George Ma
May 19 13:30

An unplanned fork occurred in the Ethereum 2.0 testnet

Separation occurred on May 17th on block number 141,184, after which synchronization was broken
Afri Schoedon, a leading developer of the ETH 2.0 Schlesi multiclient test network, reported on the splitting of the chain was the result of breaking the consensus between clients.

Responding to community questions, Shoedon explained that the fork was made possible by Geth's client's incorrect work.
Tyler Smith of ConsenSys Ethereum studio philosophically noticed that test networks are created to detect bugs. He added that the fork was not a big surprise to him, as Schlesi's stability had previously been a concern.
Smith's comments are consistent with those of Danny Ryan, lead developer of Ethereum 2.0, who had previously stressed that the launch of multi-client test networks avoided network security risks.
A week earlier the developers agreed that the work of Schlesi was successful. This allowed us to have plans to launch the "almost" official test network with support for several clients in June this year.
To date, the Ethereum Foundation has not yet launched the official test network, which, according to the team, must operate without failure for two months before the main network will be launched.