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George Ma
May 19 15:36

Free TON blockchain platform has launched token giveaway

Creators of the alternative version of Telegram's project have organized three contests, for participation in which you can receive TON Crystals crypto.
Free TON project beginning of distribution of its cryptocurrency on its official forum. TON Crystals tokens will be split between developers and Free TON users in 3 contests. They started on May 18, and will continue until May 25.
2 contests are aimed at developers, they need to offer way to make Free Ton blockchain better. The task of the 3rd one is to find the most handy solution for TON Crystals token airdrop. The following points must be included:
  • "declaration on decentralization" signature;
  • subscription to 2 telegram channels that are owned by the project;
  • Free Ton endorsement and promotion;
  • protection against bots and fake accounts.
The winner will get a reward of 30,000 TON Crystals. 70,000-100,000 coins within each contest are planned to be given away. The best tech solution will be chosen by the board of judges, whose members will also be eligible to receive an award in the project's cryptocurrency.