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George Ma
May 18 09:04

SBI Holdings integrates Ripple technology into Japanese ATMs

Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings released plans to integrate the MoneyTap payment application based on Ripple Fintech startup technology into ATMs operated by various Japanese banks.
Solution is designed to make it easier for consumers to access and manage funds through ATMs, no matter the bank affiliation. It should also help financial institutions decrease the cost of ATM operation.
"Currently, each bank uses its own ATM application, but with a shared web application, the same ATM can be used as a multi-bank ATM under joint management," SBI Holdings said.
Company launched MoneyTap application on Ripple technology without using XRP token last year.
Earlier, several Japanese banks started using MoneyTap for internal payments.
SBI Holdings CEO Yoshitaka Kitao urged Ripple to look for new corporate partners more actively. He believes that the startup technologies will help to fight the consequences of the pandemic.