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John Wang
May 15 18:53

Japanese stocks had a mostly good day

Volatility remains unchanged.
Japanese stocks edged higher after the of the session on May 15. Industrial, transport and housing sectors led the charge.
By the closing time in the capital, Nikkei added 0.62%.
DIC Corp demonstrated the best performance of the day, gaining 8.55% and ending up at 2589. Mazda Motor gained 5.65% and stood at 617. DeNA earned 5.18% and stood at 1402.
Nisshin Seifun was the worst performer of the day, losing 10.97% and ending up at 1558 by the closing time. Mitsubishi Estate lost 8.75% and finished at 1580. Maruha Nichiro dropped 5.81% and ended up at 2171.
There were 2174 gaining stocks this day. 1443 stocks were on the losing side. 138 stayed flat.
The Nikkei Volatility index, that tracks the instability of the listed companies, stayed absolutely flat at 29.15.