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George Ma
May 15 09:14

After halving, users withdrew bitcoins worth $230 million

Almost 24,000 BTCs (about US$233 million) have been withdrawn from cryptoexchanges by users since halving on Monday, May 11, according to Glassnode.
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The trend of Bitcoin withdrawals from cryptoexchanges started in April, the process slowly declined later.
In April, trading volumes on cryptoexchanges dropped by 25% if compared to previous month. The traffic on the majority of the trading platforms has also significantly declined.
Amid the news the turnover of non-castadial decentralized exchanges in 4 months of this year suddenly reached a value of US$2 billion and became almost equal toprevious year figure .
Earlier, Glassnode noted that the number of owners of cryptocurrency reached 30 million people, which is 234% more than in 2016.