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George Ma
May 11 14:00

4 ways to make money during a coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus had a significant impact on lives of people and corporations. However, while many are in lockdown it's never too late to find new income flows. 
Check out all the options you can explore to generate extra income while the pandemic is still around. 

Open a bank deposit and receive interest

One of the ways to make profits is to open a bank deposit and get interest. The main thing at a choice of bank should become its involvement in deposit insurance system that guarantees a return of a certain part of deposited cash to the client in case of bankruptcy or other instances.
Purchase real estate
The purchase of flats and houses is worth thinking for those who have enough to make such an investment and funds for 2 or 3 straight away contributions. In case the flat or house is considered by the future owner for rent or resale, it is wise to first understand potential ROI or its payback: there is massive demand for one- and two-bedroom flats in close proximity to the center or large sleeping areas.
Earn on the difference in currency rates
You can "make money" during the continuing crisis through earning on the difference in currency rates. It's not profitable to exchange currency in banks and exchange offices, it's better to turn to the stock exchange thought opening your own brokerage account. The best time to buy currency will be quiet periods without rate spikes.
Trade on the stock market
You trade on the stock market, but are strongly advised to begin to adapt balanced or risk-averse strategy and buying reliable securities, such as government loan bonds or shares of well-known corporations.
People lack initial funds for investing are advised to review their spending model model and stop shopping online, decrease consumption of non-essential goods, drop all streaming service subscriptions and make tax deductions.