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George Ma
May 11 10:53

Ripple developers added XRP account deletion function

Members of Ripple's XRP system have approved the proposal to add the account deletion feature. This was announced by former XRP Center manager Arturo Portilla.
According to Portilla, since May 8, users can return 15 XRP tokens out of 20 XRP paid when opening an account to prevent spam attacks. 5 coins are withheld as a commission.
The XRPL blog says that only the user can close the account and withdraw the balance. Closing the account involves deleting it from the XRP registry, but the transaction history remains. By sending 20 XRP to the old address, you can "revive" the account.
Recall that in April, co-founder of Ripple Jed McCaleb sold more than 54 million XRP. There are still billions of coins in his accounts.