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George Ma
May 11 16:00

Max Keidun, Hodl Hodl CEO: national currency inflation always has a positive effect on bitcoin

He does not believe in the conspiracy theory
In a few minutes, US$79 million has been printed in the world and not a single bitcoin block has been produced yet. This clearly shows the value of the "wrappers" that lie in our wallets. This was stated by Hodl Hodl CEO Max Keidun during ForkLog's online conference "Halving Bitcoin: Price vs. Technology.

He said the money revolution is the third in 50 years, after the information and communication revolution associated with the Internet. In 1971, U.S. President Richard Nixon signed a series of economic reforms, which included a unilateral U.S. refusal to tie the dollar to gold.
In 2009, a landmark event occurred - the emergence of Bitcoin, which was the exact opposite of the fiat system.
Halving or halving of awards for miners is initially embedded in bitcoin: as opposed to the current system, miners do not increase in weight, but rather reduce. Bitcoin can be divided into millions of parts, it has a transparent, understandable decentralized system, there is no control from the European Central Bank or the U.S. Federal Reserve.
Bitcoin is subject to a predictable economic policy: it is getting smaller and smaller while its value is growing. According to CEO Hodl Hodl, the advantage of a bitcoin is not only that it cannot be confiscated and controlled, but that the system is decentralized technologically and economically, there are some economic rules by which everyone plays and understands how the system should work.
Keidun also added that he does not believe in the conspiracy theory that the rise in the price of bitcoin is related to the printing of Tether.