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George Ma
May 9 13:20

Bitcoin miners made $412 million in April

Bitcoin miners generated $412.5 million in revenue last month, up 8% from March, The Block analyst Larry Cermack said.
He calculated that the miners sell all mined coins and used the average price on the day of the block production.
The absolute majority of the revenue of the miners in April was derived from the mining of the coins. Commissions for transaction confirmation accounted for 1.5% of the total revenue.
Cermak reminded that last month the daily volume of the Ethereum carryover was equal to the bitcoin value. The reason for this was the explosive growth of ERC-20 stablecoins, whose transactions accounted for two-thirds of the total volume on the blockchain of the second cryptocurrency.
According to Coinmetrics, by the end of April the total capitalization of stablecoins increased to US$9 billion. More than half of the total volume falls on the Ethereum space stablecoins.