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George Ma
May 9 08:22

Wall Street: Dow Jones up 2%, S&P approaching 3,000 points

U.S. stock market closed the last trading session of the week in good plus, with Wall Street's major indices rising 1.5-2% on May 8.
In trading, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 2% to a high of 24,349.90 points. By the end of the session the index had risen by 455.43 points (1.91%) to 24,331.32 points. The index did not drop below 24 000 points, the minimum for the Dow session was 24 107.05 points.
By the end of the trades, Nasdaq rose by 141.66 points (1.58%) compared to the last closing, to 9121.32 points. The trading range of the index was 9018.21 - 9125.98 points.
The S&P 500 reached its maximum of 2932.16 points during the trades. The index finished the session with the growth by 48.61 points (1.69%), at 2929.80 points. The S&P minimum per session was 2902.88 points.