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John Wang
May 8 21:24

Crypto experts warn of a very different halving

The market might be entering a new time.
Most cryptocurrency experts from the Silicon Valley agree, that the upcoming Bitcoin halving is going to differ strongly from earlier halvings. Analysts believe, that due to the global crisis the whole crypto market is going to change.
As the traditional monetary systems are under heavy pressure, more and more people consider keeping their savings in Bitcoin to hedge against greater uncertainty. The decision-making role is gradually shifting to traders and community from miners. 
Chief Executive Officer of Mt Pelerin Arnaud Salomon claims that now mining holds much less sway than five years ago. The Bitcoin stock is large enough to fuel more trading activity.
Alexandre Juncker - author of “Blockchain Quarterly” and event moderator - stated that hyperinflation is likely to cause the emergence of many new traders. Bitcoin is not directly dependent on many factors that impact fiat and might be a superior option.