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John Wang
April 30 21:12

US stocks get tense, awaiting news

Trump encourages the economic restart.
US stocks are headed for a mixed early trading on April 30. The market is analyzing the gains of the last sessions and the signs of further policy easing from the Fed.  
At 11:15 GMT the S&P 500 futures lost 0.2% - 7 points. Nasdaq futures gained 0.3% - 25 points. The Dow 30 Futures dropped 0.2% - 37 points.
The DJIA index is headed for its best monthly results since the early 1987. Meanwhile the S&P 500 is about to see its best month since October 1974.
The Federal Reserve decided to keep the rates flat on April 28. Nevertheless, the organization demonstrated a readiness to provide more support if necessary.
The reason for further stimulus might be demonstrated by the new weekly jobless claims report, scheduled to release at around 12:30 GMT.
The number of claims are expected to have increased by around 3.5 million. Last week the rise amounted to 4.43 million. At the same time US GDP contracted by 4.8% in Q1. It is the first contraction in the last six years.
The pandemic death toll in the United States has gone over 60000. There are over one million cases. At the moment the country accounts for around a third of all infected in the world.
Nevertheless, the push for economic reopening is accelerating. President Trump hinted that the federal framework for the lockdowns is getting less strict. The further development of the containment is up to state authorities.