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John Wang
April 29 21:25

Richest investors are waiting for new dips

Asian traders are more optimistic than their western colleagues. 
The major part of the richest investors in the world are currently on standby. According to the UBS survey, they are waiting for another drop of the stock prices to sweep in for purchasing.
The poll was conducted among the investors with over US$1 million in assets or yearly revenue. 61% of the respondents are waiting for equities to lose another 5%-20%.  23% of the respondents believe, that now is already a prime time to develop the portfolio. 16% of investors believe in the opposite, claiming that the market is currently dominated by the bearish tactics.
The wealthiest investors remain mostly cautious in regard to risky investments. About 60% of the investors believe that major recession can hit the markets in the coming 12 months. Nevertheless, they continue to be mostly optimistic in regard to global trends.
Back in January 68% of leading investors believed in a positive performance of the US economy. This number has since contracted by 30%. Asian investors are more optimistic - 55% of them believe in a brighter future.