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George Ma
April 29 09:00

Bank of America promises USD rally today after the Fed's decision

The Fed will give a negative assessment of the economy.
The Fed will give a negative assessment of the economy, which will bring traders back to reality and force them to buy the dollar again in fear of a global recession.

Bank of America expects the Federal Reserve to release a negative assessment of the U.S. economy on Wednesday when it publishes its monetary policy decision, which will lead to a dollar rally as investors rush back to this safe haven.
The Fed will recognize deterioration in economic conditions and likely signal that rates will remain low for an extended period. A sobering assessment of economic activity by the Fed, as well as by other global central banks this week, could well begin to shift the prevailing focus away from policy stimulus and back to the reality of global recession."
US dollar index fell last time by 0.3% to 99.7530, previously reaching a 13-day low at 99.45.