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George Ma
April 27 14:44

Data from Kraken users may have been stolen

Etana Custody, a custodial service providing services to the Kraken Crypto Exchange, reported a user data leak that occurred on April 18.
Heads of Etana Custody reported that the leak occurred as a result of unauthorized access to the client interface. Users' crypto assets and fiat currencies are safe and no suspicious transactions have been reported. Thanks to Etana's internal security systems and internal protocols processing client transfer requests, the attack was neutralised.
However, hackers were able to view some information - customer names, email addresses, residential addresses and phone numbers. At the same time, Etana Custody prevented access to sensitive data such as driver's license numbers, passports and other documents.
As stated on the Kraken Crypto Exchange website, Etana Custody is its partner and provides the opportunity to make a deposit in five major fiat currencies: USD/EUR/CAD/GBP/JPY. Kraken reported that the users' funds were not affected and promised to contact them directly in the nearest future. Some traders wonder why the exchange did not send them any notifications after the leak of a unique identifier linking their account to the exchange.
Last month a major data leak affected the exchange of Digitex crypto derivatives, the break-in was carried out by an employee of the exchange who received information from more than 8,000 clients. In addition, in November, BitMEX exchange accidentally disclosed e-mail addresses of its users during a mass informational mailing.