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George Ma
April 26 14:49

In Lebanon, Bitcoin is traded substantially higher than on well-known crypto exchanges

In Lebanon, Bitcoin is trading much higher than market prices on the popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
Screenshot below shows that the trader on LocalBitcoins under the nickname hassannasser sells digital gold at 11 824 956 LBP. At the time of writing this is US$7,812. At the same time, Bitcoin is traded at $7,560 on the Bitstamp exchange.
At the same time trader Loganiam offers BTC at 20,659,923 LBP with payment by bank transfer, which is about US$13,650. Apparently, this trader uses the official rate, unlike hassannasser, which sells BTC in person, specifying the current price with the help of messenger.
You can also notice significant spreads between the selling and buying prices on the popular p2p platform.
These differences are likely due to the difference between the market price of the Lebanese pound and its official rate.