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John Wang
April 22 19:31

Top 3 stocks that are handling coronavirus well

These coming two weeks will see a wave of Q1 earnings report. About a half of companies included in S&P 500 are expected to publish the data on their performance.
Forecasts for the profits of the first months of 2020 have obviously gone down because of the pandemic. The experts expect the general index earnings to decrease by around 12.8%. Nevertheless, some companies have performed well during the crisis and are expected to see growth.
There is a number of the companies who handled the coronavirus well. Many experts predict that three of them are going to release especially reassuring reports. 
Domino’s Pizza
The pizza delivery behemoth is planning to release its earnings report on April 23, before the opening of the trading. Its EPS is expected to grow by 5.5%, its revenue in Q1 is expected to grow by 4%. 
Domino’s has demonstrated stable performance during the market turbulence. Year-to-date the stocks went up by 24.3%. The company benefited from the rising demand for food delivery caused by the national lockdown and closure of many smaller restaurants.
The company’s shares also outpaced its main rivals - Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. On February 20 their value reached a new record high of US$381.86. On April 21 the price settled at US$365.22. 

Teladoc Health

The company is planning to release its report on April 29, after the closure of trading. Its EPS is estimated to rise 19.4%. Its revenue is estimated to go up 38.4%.
The stock of Teladoc Health have demonstrated a great performance, reaching new record highs despite the overall market fall. The company provides telemedicine services via phone, video conferences and apps.
The value of company’s shares has grown by 106% in the first quarter, riding the growing demand for remote medical services. 
Last night the stock stood at US$172.39. Earlier in the same session it reached a record high of US$189.12.
The company is still expected to lose US$0.36 per share. It is, however, less than a US$0.43 loss in the year-ago period

The Clorox Company

The company is planning to release its report on May 1, before the trading begins. Its EPS is estimated to rise 11.8%. Its revenue is estimated to go up 8.4%.
The company is producing various household products, however its cleaning products are expected to bring in the largest gains, accounting for about 53% of the earnings. Bleach, disinfectants and cleaning solutions have enjoyed higher demand from the people concerned about hygiene in the time of the virus.
Clorox shares are growing value despite the market turbulence. Year-to-date, the shares jumped 25.1%, bringing the company in the club of the best performers in the United States. 
On April 21 the stock ended up at US$190.77. On March 21 it peaked at US$214.21.