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George Ma
April 22 09:18

WTI oil futures cheapened during the American session

Futures quotes on WTI oil declined during the American session on Tuesday.
At the New York Mercantile Exchange, futures for WTI oil with delivery in June are traded at US$13.12 per barrel, which fell by 35.78% at the time of writing this comment.
The minimum of the session was the mark of dollars per barrel. At the time of writing, WTI oil found support at -US$40.32 and resistance at US$22.56.
Futures on the USD index, showing the ratio of the US dollar to the basket of six major currencies, grew by 0.25% and traded at 100.312 dollars.
As for other goods traded on ICE, futures on Brent oil with delivery in June decreased by 22.21%, reaching the level of US$19.89 per barrel, while the price difference between contracts on Brent oil and WTI oil was US$6.77 per barrel.