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John Wang
April 21 16:39

Bitcoin gets a wave of new buyers

The old dream of Bitcoin bulls might be coming to life. Multiple sources report, that the market is getting many new traders.
Last week the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong has stated, that the number of US$1200 deposits has suddenly increased. The development might be explained by the fact, that some recipients of “Trump cash” - the stimulus checks from the authorities - might be using their new funds to buy BTC.
Other Coinbase report shows a sudden growth of smaller wallets, that contain parts of the coin worth US$130 or less. Other CEOs and experts have also suggested, that the cryptocurrency market is getting bigger. There was also a number of deals, aimed at expanding on the new market.
The possible surge of new BTC holders has most likely been caused by the finance markets turbulence. The extraordinary cash injections by central banks around the world might have encouraged some people to try out new financial systems.