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George Ma
April 18 15:44

Mark Cuban once again compared bitcoin to bananas

He is ready to change his skeptical opinion about "digital gold", but bitcoin also has to change for that.
Billionaire and bitcoin critic Mark Cuban admitted that actions of central banks in the current crisis give the cryptocurrency a good chance. But in an interview with Anthony Pompliano, he again resorted to comparing it to bananas and pointed out the difficulty of using it in a daily life.

Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital offered Kuban to take part in his podcast last December, when billionaire once again expressed scepticism about bitcoin, denying it a chance to become a reliable currency.
In an interview, the owner of Dallas Mavericks once again recalled that the first bitcoin cannot be used in everyday life.

From a transaction point of view, there should be a way to spend cryptocurrency, but in the meantime you need to convert it into fiat money, says Cuban.
However, he acknowledged that the impact of the giant cash injections into the economy by governments and central banks to fight the COVID-19 crisis may be the best chance for bitcoin.