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John Wang
April 17 19:38

European futures inspired by good news

European futures have gone up over 3% on April 17. The rise has been encouraged by the new guidelines for the restructuring of the US economy, revealed by President Trump.
At 0600 GMT Euro Stoxx 50 futures gone up 3.3%. German DAX and FTSE 100, as well as French CAC futures were going up and down from 2.8% and 3.4% of growth. Investors seem to be paying little mind to new data, that shows China has experienced its worst GDP reduction in the last 28 years.
The STOXX 600 has gone up around 20% after falling to a the lowest level in the last eight years back in March. Gains have been fueled by the large stimulus packages, as well as possibility of lockdowns easing, since the pandemic seems to be levelling off.
President Trump also contributed to the optimism on the markets by revealing new framework for reopening the US economy. Meanwhile, medicine producer Gilead Sciences Inc has notified the public of successful trials of a new drug that can fight coronavirus.