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George Ma
April 15 11:49

Goldman Sachs: U.S. economy overcame the worst of times

Goldman Sachs, interviewed by Bloomberg, recorded overcoming the worst times.
Analysts of the American investment bank Goldman Sachs, interviewed by Bloomberg, recorded overcoming the worst times and the peak of the crisis on the U.S. stock market. According to them, this was facilitated by the competent policy of Federal Reserve System and Congress.

Financiers believe that the risks to the U.S. economy in general and the stock market in particular are not as great as they were recently. S&P 500 will not face a new decline to the level of 2000 points, which it approached at the end of March, showing the worst result for the last three years.
According to analysts, the situation may get worse only in case of the "second wave" of the epidemic, which will come after the country has overcome the first one.
Experts call the actions of the Federal Reserve as the main reason that most likely allowed the U.S. to avoid problems in the future. Recently, it has launched several programs to buy back government and corporate bonds in order to provide liquidity to banks.
In addition, a specially created structure of the regulator is engaged in issuing loans to people and businesses that were most affected by the coronavirus, as well as buying unreliable assets from banks. Some programs were approved by Congress, which allows economists to speak about coordinated work of the two structures.