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John Wang
April 14 19:20

European stocks are going up

Traders encouraged by good news.
European equities have been going up after the holiday. Major indexes gained over 20% from their lows in March.
The european Stoxx 600 has gone up 1.3% - chemical and mining sectors have been leading the charge. AstraZeneca Plc has gained 5.3% after the announcement of successful tests of Tagrisso Phase III ADAURA. The benchmark is up 0.9%.
Traders are reassured by the recently released positive data concerning Chinese trade - reduction of both exports and imports turned out to be much less severe than expected. The markets are now waiting for new earnings reports and possible dividend cuts. Traders are also evaluating the decision of the Federal Reserve to cut some of its repurchasing agreements when the recent volatility of the US dollar has ended.